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Our Mission, Vision & Core Values


Mission Statement:  

 NGBF Exists to Encourage All People to Follow and Make Followers of Christ. 

Vision Statement:

We are Building the next generation, Obeying the Great Commission, Offering worship, Serving the community, and Teaching others through Word and deeds.



Always displaying our dependence on God through a culture of consistency in prayer, a consumption of truth, and adherence to the truth. We will persistently express our love for God and knowledge of Him through praise and worship.


Growth is synonymous with life, so as long as God gives each member of the NGBF life, we not only want to see them growing, but believe they should be consistently growing. Therefore, we will strive to equip members in the scriptures and help everyone thrive comprehensively in every area of life.


As a good tree is known by the fruit it bears, we want the “tree” of NGBF to be known and seen as a body of people who bear the fruit of the Spirit and the multiplication of followers of Jesus.



As Christians, we know that we are family, and at NGBF we strive to live out that reality. Our fellowship(ing) mirrors that of a healthy family; through highs and low we strive to maintain the family traits of the Christian family.



An indication of a healthy relationship is the abundance of joy that being around one another brings. Knowing the truth of what a merry heart does, NGBF strives to maintain healthy relationships and a joyful outlook on life by cultivating a culture of fun.

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