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UPDATE #7 - Pastor's Update

Posted by Tony Mathews on

Update #7 -  Pastor Mathews 

Hello NGBF Family,

Let me begin by saying, “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God” (Philippians 4:6).  That is such a powerful and applicable verse for the times in which we live. I am praying for our entire church, nation and world. I strongly believe God will get us through this, so stay encouraged! Here are a few updates:

- As mentioned in update #6 (see website), due to COVID -19, our Sunday worship services will be online until further notice, and all weekly activities are canceled here at church. Also, unless otherwise noted, we will have something online available for the church family each Wednesday. 

 - This Sunday, March 22nd, our worship will be online at 10 a.m. Check the website for more information. This series of messages is titled, Peace in the Midst of the Pandemic and the “Panic-Demic”. They are designed to let us know that we can have victory in the midst of this virus. 

 - We are still aggressively practicing social distancing as it is strongly encouraged by our government and the CDC.  I’m asking all of us to do our part, not out of fear, but to slow and prayerfully stop the spread of the virus.

 - I had teleconferences with our staff, ministers and 1828. I will be posting abbreviated/edited minutes on the website just to keep you informed on what our leaders are doing and talking about during this time. I applaud each of them as they are doing an outstanding job, serving, praying and working to keep us all connected. You will have to log in to the Members Only portion of the website to view these notes. An email was sent to the membership a few days ago with the login information.  

 - While we are combating this coronavirus by practicing social distancing, I want to encourage us to do all we can to stay healthy.  Avoid doing things that could lead you to going to the hospital. Eat right and healthy. Use your creativity to exercise around your home by moving as we are made to move.  Watch a relaxing movie so you won’t be stressed out over all the negative news. Last but not least, spend time with the Lord. 


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