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When Clean Teeth Is Not A Good Thing

Posted by Tony Mathews on

Apply the Word – Pastor Mathews

October 11

When Clean Teeth Is Not A Good Thing

Read the Word:  “But I gave you also cleanness of teeth in all your cities and lack of bread in all your places, Yet you have not returned to Me, declares the Lord” (Amos 4:6).

 Apply the Word: Smith and Page are correct, “famine was a common event in the ancient Near East.” In today’s Scripture, however, “famine is brought by God as a warning to the people, but they did not heed the warning.” Cleanness of teeth points to the fact that there was a lack of food which points to empty stomachs. God is basically saying that He caused a famine to come as a result of His people’s behavior.  Gary Smith says, “The purpose for the disaster was to bring the nation to its knees before God, but the divine intention was not achieved.”  I’m so thankful that God’s judgment can be reversed if we reverse our bad behavior. It’s clear from the text that the Lord is calling us to repent and turn back to Him. Will you repent today? Set aside the sin that’s causing pain and begin a fresh restart in your walk with God.


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